VIDEO: Digital Advertising is Broken

You know that feeling you get when you think something might be wrong with a product or service, but it still works, so you cast your doubt aside and just carry on?  Perhaps it’s that screechy belt sound when you start your car, or that drip from your shower that doesn’t ever stop.  Perhaps it’s your landscaper that always misses a spot on the lawn.

You ignore these things because they still get the job, and it would take effort to fix them and make them perfect. And for most of these, “good enough” is okay.  But what if not fixing something actually cost you a lot of money?  At what point would you fix something that is knowingly broken?

Digital advertising is broken.  I mean really broken.  As in, your campaigns are probably bleeding right now and you have no idea.  In this video series, Lance breaks down some staggering industry statistics, explores the opportunity landscape, and then dives deeper into specific areas you should be focusing on to maximize your campaigns.