Take Your Child to Work Day

Today is national #TakeYourChildToWork day.  Oh, didn’t you mark that on your calendar?  Me neither.

I’m a Millennial, and as such, I’m draw to trending hashtags on Twitter like a bug to a neon blue glowing zapper.  bzzzzzt…snap!  That’s exactly what it felt like when I saw #takeyourchildtoworkday today.

I remember when this day passed me up last year and I forgot to send out the invite (AKA, text my wife).  I wasn’t going to let it pass me by again this time.

Step 1: Check the Office Climate

Some things don’t work well together – oil + water, toothpaste + orange juice, crocs + socks…you get the point.  Add to that list excited children + important meetings.  We all remember the viral video of the guy on a video conference when his young kids barge in.

So, best to check with your coworkers and make sure they don’t have any important client meetings or they may have a few +1s they weren’t expecting.

Give them a heads up when your kiddos are coming and let them know exactly how long they are planning to stay.  (don’t be offended if they take a strategically planned lunch break during that window).

Step 2: Prep the Office

The last things your kids want to do is review the PowerPoint deck you’ve been working on.  Look around your office and see what might be exciting for them to explore.  At Closed Loop, we’ve got a lot of fun things that kids and adults alike can play with.


With your traps set, you’re ready for action…

Step 3: Take the Long Way In

The adventure starts in the parking lot.  Take advantage of the journey in and make this part of their experience.  Show them what’s around the building – the courtyard, the paths, the bushes…yep, the bushes.  One of my boys wanted to “pick some rosemary” and I had to dive between him and the hedges before the maintenance crew caught us.

You spend a lot of your time at this mythical work place they hear so much about.  This is your chance to pull the curtain back and demystify.  They will suck it all in like little kid-shaped sponges.


On the way into the office, we had to look at the water feature.  I’m not going to lie…this almost turned into a ‘pool day’ for all of us…


Stairs or elevator?  Duh!

(Pro tip – Add buffer time to account for solving the “who gets to hit the button” issue)



Am I the only one humming the Jaws music….’duuuuuu dummmm”

Step 4: Manage the chaos

Once you enter the work domain, do your best to manage the chaos.  This is not a time to multi-task.  Don’t try to do any work….cause really, it ain’t gonna happen.  Walk your kids through the office, introduce them to your coworkers, show them the kitchen area, show them where you work, show them where you have meetings, let them play a little.

(Pro tip – keep a close eye on them. Evidently they have a hard time distinguishing white board wall paint from regular walls….#DoesInsuranceCoverThat?)

Jacked helped me fuel up.


Surprise, surprise….Raylan went right for the candy.


One of my coworkers had some fun props to play with


The giant bean bag is always a crowd favorite.  Oh, you want one at home you say?  Go ask your mom…




Play time is over…time for a brainstorming session…


Who am I kidding…playtime is NEVER over 🙂



Finally, when you’ve exhausted your in-office activities (and coworkers’ patience), it’s time to say goodbye.  Hopefully your kids have a better sense for where you go everyday and what you do when you’re not at home.  I have a sneaking suspicion that when I leave for work tomorrow they’re really going to want to come and play with me at work.

Like father, like son – Raylan leaves the office just like I do.